NATMI Launching New Learning Management System and Website in October


In October, NATMI will have a new website, database and learning management system (LMS). Our goal with the new system is to improve the user experience by combining separate systems into one with a single sign-on, as well as guiding certification applicants through the certification process step-by-step, and simplifying certification renewal by tracking recertification activities in real time

As an additional benefit, NATMI participants will have a wider array of online training programs and webinars available to them for continuing education and recertification via access to a shared learning management system with the Truckload Carriers Association.

While NATMI has had online event registration and membership management for many years, it is only in recent years that certification became a fully digital process including online certification exams, and online certification and recertification application submissions. Because these processes were added later, they are handled by separate software programs, requiring applicants to have separate logins for the NATMI website, the testing system, and the online application system.

With NATMI's new LMS, users will have a single sign-on to the NATMI website to access their course materials, certification exams, and the certification application process, and track continuing education activities in their student profile. Everything will be in one place, accessible by logging in to the NATMI website.

For participants in our certification programs, other enhancements will include video tutorials to guide applicants through the certification process, essentially providing automated "mentorship" on the requirements and how to complete various sections of the application. Tutorials will guide participants on how to prepare for certification renewal.

We're excited to launch the new system and the improved user experience it promises.


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