Hurry and Register for the NATMI Annual Meeting


  • To register for the NATMI Annual Meeting - Click here
  • For both the NATMI and TCA Safety & Security Division Meeting - Click here

The 2023 NATMI Annual Meeting is just around the corner, so hurry and register if you haven't already!

The meeting is Saturday, June 10 in San Antonio, TX at the Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter scheduled in conjunction with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Safety and Security Division Meeting, which begins on Sunday and ends Tuesday at Noon.

NATMI technical committee meetings begin Saturday morning, followed by an afternoon workshop and an evening joint reception where you can network with NATMI and TCA meeting attendees.

Register for the NATMI Annual Meeting on its own, or, if you wish to stay and attend the TCA safety meeting, there are bundle registration savings.

Building a World Class Safety Culture Workshop

In conjunction with the business meetings, NATMI is hosting an afternoon workshop entitled "Building a World-Class Safety Culture," facilitated by Dr. David Guess, CDS, which features best practices from top safety award-winning companies, and the keys to building a world-class safety culture that leads to industry-leading safety performance.

In this program, you'll learn the elements of a world-class safety culture and become familiar with some of the culture-building “secret sauce” in the practices of Fleet Safety Contest Award-winners.

Safety culture is the set of shared attitudes, beliefs, and practices demonstrated throughout a company. A successful safety culture isn't compartmentalized but is a pillar of a company's values. In organizations with a world-class safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it every day.

Register now to network and learn from other NATMI certified individuals, as well as learn from the best in the business about how to create your own world class safety culture.

Register for the NATMI Annual Meeting - Click here
Register for both the NATMI and TCA Safety & Security Division Meeting - Click here


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