Private Training: NATMI can come to you in-person or online!


If you have a group of individuals who need NATMI training within your company – or can partner with other local companies – NATMI can come directly to you. Coming to you is even easier now that we deliver courses virtually, as well as in-person.

Some reasons your company may want private training either in-person or virtually include:

  • Our public courses don’t fit your schedule or aren’t offered in your area.
  • You seek a private event just for your employees as a team-building opportunity.
  • You need customized content to fit your specific needs.
  • You want to save on travel/lodging costs.
  • You want to schedule the training during non-standard hours.

The advantage of private training through NATMI is that you control the dates, times and content of the training.  Your local staff doesn’t have to travel or find lodging in order to attend. 

Either click the “Private On-Site Training: Bring NATMI to you” link on the NATMI homepage to request a private training program or click here to find out more.

NATMI offers the only internationally recognized, university accredited training and certification programs for motor carriers, using a corps of experienced, certified instructors who have passed NATMI's train-the-trainer and evaluation standards.  Our curricula are performance-based -- meaning they are real-world and hands-on -- developed using the rigorous Instructional Systems Design process. Industry leaders like you who seek NATMI training have decided that quality matters.























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