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Driver Finishing Certification Now Available through PTDI

How to Create Millennial Drivers

New Online Certification Process Eliminates Exhibit Binders

Managing risk and safety are top priorities for every trucking company. PTDI’s newly launched Driver Finishing standards and certification provide internal driver training a "blueprint for excellence."  The results of a year-long review and beta test by industry stakeholders have netted updates to industry leading standards and developed certification that is not overly burdensome to maintain. 

What is Driver Finishing?

The primary goal of Driver Finishing programs is MASTERY of solo commercial motor vehicle driver skills.  This is different than proficiency acquired through entry level training programs.  Driver Finishing training programs are typically offered by trucking company (employers) to their employees, some who may have recently earned their CDL.

Finishing programs provide additional knowledge and skills that fully prepare the driver to perform independently behind the wheel.  The investment trucking companies make by delivering specialized commodity, equipment and customer training increases driver professionalism, safety and quality operations.

Standards and Certification

The Driver Finishing standards and certification boast potential for quality improvements, cost efficiencies and another key benefit: mitigating risk.  Certification allows customization of content and training methods.  Integrate your corporate policies and procedures and create a Driver Finishing program that meets industry leading practices but is NOT overly burdensome to maintain.



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Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce in 2016. Even so, most trucking companies fail to effectively recruit and retain millennial drivers. Now, in 2019, it’s getting to be sink or swim. Whether you like it or not, you need millennial drivers. Consumer culture keeps trucks rolling 24/7, but not even the driver problem in trucking has caused any kind of improvement in the perceived rift between generations. The older generations who mainly comprise trucking jobs and the younger generation of potential drivers who could ease the driver problem aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Perception, of course, is the problem. Older generations see all millennials as entitled, selfish and lazy. Younger people see trucking as a dead-end job that leads to family strain, unhealthy living and loneliness. These two extreme views clearly don’t apply to everyone. So how does a trucking company approach this breach?

You Have What Millennials Want, They Just Don’t Know It

Put aside the obvious for a moment, that every generation thinks nasty thoughts about the generation that follows them (see: your parents’ generation). You are presented with a large group of individuals who are young, better educated on the whole than the generation previous, and facing an ugly future in employment. They will likely see the end of social security, a landscape moving further towards stuffing everyone in cubicles for their job, and, in many cases, the increasingly high cost of living. They want a fair paying job with benefits that keeps them busy and rewards their hard work. This is exactly what you’re offering (or should be).


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NATMI is pleased to announce a new online submission system for certification applications beginning March 1, which will replace the 3-ring exhibit binders.

Applicants who meet the experience requirement, have completed the required courses and passed their certification exam will complete an online certification submission within 60 days outlining their experience and expertise.  The online submission replaces the 3-ring binders used until now. 

Applicants do not need to complete their online submission in one session.  The applicant’s progress will be saved and they can return to complete the process at any time. The system will not allow an applicant to press the final "submit" button until all of the required documents have been uploaded. Applicants’ online submissions will be saved online and be accessible to them at any time.

In additional to completing some online forms, applicants upload documents (the same documents required in the current 3-ring binder format) which demonstrate the applicant’s background, experience and – most importantly – job performance.










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