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How Efficient is Your Lead-to-Hire Process?

Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers in High Water Conditions

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One of your biggest challenges in hiring quality drivers is that your competitors are vying for the exact same people. There are a lot of things going through a drivers’ minds when choosing their next employer - from how they’ll be treated to the kinds of benefits a company offers.

A quality driver knows they can drive wherever they want in this driver market. One question, however, is usually at the forefront: "When am I going to get my next paycheck?"

If your hiring process is more than a few days, you’re taking money out of their pocket. If you want to hire more drivers, you need to have an efficient lead-to-hire process that allows you to hire them before the competitors can.

Lead Velocity is term that refers to speed to hire. How long does it take you to take a recruit and give them the keys? A shorter Lead Velocity is crucial to hiring more drivers.

From a Lead to a Driver: How Long Does it Take?

The situation varies from lead to lead, but let’s say you have a driver who’s ready to work for you. It should take you no more than 3 days to bring them on board.

Here are three steps to make this goal a reality.

Step 1: Focus on Your Ideal Candidates


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In the beautiful state of Arkansas where my wife and I reside, we have experienced an unusual amount of rainfall that began last fall.

The ground, creeks, rivers and lakes are soaked, which means additional rainfall will very likely result in flooding.

Commercial Drivers are exposed the dangers of flooding in many different scenarios. This unfortunately can leave the driver stranded or place them in grave danger, often with little to no warning.

Addressing this issue, I would like to share a few tips adapted from ProDrivers and Planet Freight that could help our drivers stay safe when flooding and heavy rain threatens their vehicles and routes.

Maintain Your Speed at a Slow and Steady Pace

While driving at a reasonable speed is always advised when weather takes a turn, when there's flooding risk, the need becomes even greater, according to Planet Freight in their article “Tips For Truckers Driving Through Flooded Areas.” Every puddle you encounter could be a lot deeper than it appears, and if there's water running across the roadway, the current might be stronger than you expect. If you're driving through any standing or running water slowly, you'll be in good shape to stay on course.




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NATMI Webinar - CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Mandate

On Wednesday, June 12 at 11:00 a.m. Mountain, attend the NATMI webinar “FMCSA’s Next Mandate, the CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse—What You Need to Know Now.”  This is a great opportunity for certified individuals to earn credit toward their 3-year recertification.

Regulatory expert Dave Osiecki, President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, will cover the purpose of the Clearinghouse, FMCSA’s timeline for full implementation, a detailed review of the new rules including motor carrier-specific requirements, driver responsibilities, how 3rd party drug testing service providers can help carriers comply, and more. 

The Clearinghouse compliance deadline is only 6 months away, and now is the time to start educating yourself on this upcoming mandate.  Don’t miss this 1-hour, information-packed session!

The investment for members to attend is $19.99 and nonmembers $29.99.  Click here to register now.

Canadian Instructor Train-the-Trainer Program Scheduled

All prospective instructors wishing to teach NATMI courses in Canada, who have not attended a previous train-the-trainer program, must attend the upcoming program, scheduled Thursday, September 26 through Friday, September 27 in Puslinch, ON (the program ends by 2 p.m. on the second day). 



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