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Dancing Away Fatigue

How to Host Safety Training Online

Private Training: NATMI can come to you in-person or online!

The motor carrier industry has been effectively using video-based onboard monitoring data to identify and augment unsafe behaviors for years now. Safety professionals have used their instincts and experience to identify behaviors to target and have been successfully driving down crash rates in their fleet as a result. Obvious errors were the easiest to address, like failing to yield the right-of-way or not obeying a traffic control device. More qualitative issues like driver distraction and drowsiness, however, have been a little more difficult to quantify and mitigate. What types of distractions are those most dangerous? Are very short distractions, like adjusting dashboard instruments, as dangerous as longer distractions? What are effective strategies to mitigate drowsiness?

New research by the Virginia Tech Transportation Research in early August may provide some answers. The study, cleverly titled “Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data to Assess Distraction and Drowsiness on Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles,” analyzed over 3.8 million miles of data from seven fleets to measure the likelihood of certain driver behaviors to result in a safety-critical event.







Traditional safety and driver training happens in the classroom, or behind the wheel, and is led by an instructor. These are both important aspects of an effective safety training program, but they aren’t your only options. Save time, money, and resources by moving your safety training online.

Learning Management System - The Cornerstone of Online Training

If you want to host safety training online, you need a learning management system (LMS).
An LMS is the most important tool for any organization looking to invest in online training. It is a software tool companies use to develop, deliver, host, and track training for their employees.

With an LMS, you can:

  • Store and organize all of your company’s training courses/materials in one place
  • Communicate with everyone in the system with a few clicks
  • Automatically assign training to various employee groups
  • Track usage and run reports





If you have a group of individuals who need NATMI training within your company – or can partner with other local companies – NATMI can come directly to you. Coming to you is even easier now that we deliver courses virtually, as well as in-person.

Some reasons your company may want private training either in-person or virtually include:

  • Our public courses don’t fit your schedule or aren’t offered in your area.
  • You seek a private event just for your employees as a team-building opportunity.
  • You need customized content to fit your specific needs.
  • You want to save on travel/lodging costs.
  • You want to schedule the training during non-standard hours.


The advantage of private training through NATMI is that you control the dates, times and content of the training.  Your local staff doesn’t have to travel or find lodging in order to attend. 






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